viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013

The ghost

Some time ago, a young girl, with dark hair and white eyes, lived in the old house on the forest. Her name was Anna.  She didn't have any family or friends, and she was alone in the house.
One rainy day while she was reading in the big living room, she heard a strange noise in the garden. It’s like footsteps.
“It can be an animal, don’t be afraid” Anna told to herself.
The footsteps came to the door and they stopped there. Later something opened it and just after that closed it with a strong noise.
“It’s only the wind” she exclaimed a little scared.
Then she heard the footsteps again, this time they were in the house, and there were two people, and they were people because she could understand what they said.
Who were they? Were they burglars? She wondered.
AS soon as Anna heard the footsteps near the living room she ran to her bedroom, but one of the strangers was on the steps.
“There is a ghost” the person in the steps exclaimed frightened.
“Where is it? Asked Anna frightened too.
“you are the ghost” The other person answered.
“It is impossible, I am alive” And Anna ran to her bedroom Crying.

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